With the mission to reduce our local infant mortality rates as our top priority, the Healthy Start Coalition of Okaloosa and Walton Counties recently set out to address accidental causes of death among children and infants. Unfortunately, the number of child drowning fatalities and the number of children who die from heat stroke after being forgotten in a hot car is too high in the state of Florida and nationwide.

Our goals are to educate our community and provide tips to caregivers on ways to be water safe, as well as tricks to never forget their baby in a hot car. With the partnership of Cumulus Broadcasting, we were able to share this education in a way that was both creative and effective.

The following Public Service Announcements that were written by the Healthy Start Coalition and recorded by Cumulus Broadcasting were played over local radio stations throughout the months of May and June to relay these safety messages to the public on a large scale.

The following videos produced by the Healthy Start Coalition are now available on YouTube.com. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for future informational videos.




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