Florida State Statute 383.14 is Healthy Start legislation that requires all pregnant women and infants be offered screening for risk factors that may affect their pregnancy, health, or development.

Prenatal and Infant Risk Screens assess risk factors for adverse health outcomes so that identified individuals may then be referred to the appropriate services for their needs. These screens were created in response to Florida’s high infant mortality rates.

Florida is the ONLY State with universal prenatal and infant risk screens.

  • Prenatal Risk Screens are completed at the first prenatal visit and links pregnant women resources through your pregnancy and after delivery, like education on childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn care, family planning, parenting, car seat safety, and more!
  • Infant Risk Screens are completed before the infant leaves the birthing facility and links new parents and caregivers to resources like breastfeeding support, how to care for a newborn, parenting support, child development, car seat safety, health and well-being, family planning, school readiness, and more!
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