Risk Screening Forms

Prenatal and Infant Risk Screens assess risk factors for adverse health outcomes so that identified individuals may then be referred to the appropriate services and resources that meet their needs.

    • The Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen is theĀ first step in introducing your patients to a home visiting program during their initial prenatal visit. This training is for OB and prenatal providers and office staff.
    • The Healthy Start Infant Risk Screen is to be completed soon after childbirth and before the mother leaves the hospital or birthing facility with her newborn. This training is for Hospital and Birthing facility staff.

Training Videos

Once you finish your training video, please complete the quiz by clicking on the corresponding link below. Once completed, your training certificate will be emailed to you, as well as delivered to your place of employment.

Prenatal Risk Screen Training



InfantĀ Risk Screen Training

Infant Screen Training Quiz